Offshore Transportation

  • We offer a total marine scope for offshore platform, equipment and materials transportation and installations supported by its in-house engineering, procurement and dedicated project management capabilities. This scope includes:
    - Load-out from fabrication yard or site
    - Transport, Launching and installation of jackets and topsides
  • - Transport of Pipes/pipelines and Subsea Equipment to field
    - Transportation of Products from Offshore to Onshore facilities

      • Drilling and Completion Services

        We provide offshore contract drilling services for energy companies in shallow and deep water, and harsh-environment drilling. We provide fleet of mobile offshore drilling units which includes the world's largest fleet of high-specification rigs consisting of ultra-deepwater, deepwater and premium Jackup rigs. Our drilling and completion services include:
        - Mechanized Rig systems
        - Underbalanced drilling
        - Hydraulic power units
        - Drilling hazard mitigation
        - Well control and well Servicing.
        - Drilling Hazard Mitigation

        Platform Vessel Supply

        We provide Marine Platform Supply Vessels (PSV) that have outstanding performance and versatility. These vessels are built for worldwide operations to service drilling units and to provide transportation and logistics support for the supplies and equipment used on oil and gas production platforms. Our PSVs are specially equipped with fire-fighting safety standby, emergency evacuation and rescue operations technology and can provide ROV duties and seismic services.

        Onshore Refinery Services

      • We provide major aspects of oil refining projects, Our technical expertise and experience spans through construction, installation, maintenance and turnkey delivery.

        We focus on being a leader in engineering and construction in refining. We have unlimited access to best-in-class technologies thanks to strong relationships with all reputed licensors, a strong know-how in licensors selection activities and proven capabilities in integrating and developing multi-licensor packages, optimized design for utilities and off-sites.

      • Onshore Pipe/Pipeline Supply and Installation

      Our Onshore Pipeline services include; supply and installation of Pipelines.
      We provide various pipe sizes ranging from 6 to 80 inches, in accordance to API, ANSI, ASME, BS, and ISO codes and standards as requested by our customers.

      We supply pipes with various schedule, dimensions and customized properties for piping and pipeline services to satisfy our customers’ needs.

      Pipeline Installation

      We provide onshore pipeline installation services and execute them with utmost safety. We also provide heavy duty machines and equipment capable for pipeline surface and burying installations. They include:

      - Trenchers and ploughs
      - Pipelayers and Sideboom
      - padding machines
      - Excavators and earthmoving equipment

      Offshore and Onshore Facilities Construction and Installation

      We specialize in Installation and Upgrade of Onshore & Offshore Production Facilities & Platforms and FPSO. We also specialize in Power plant construction and alternative fuel services. We employ sophisticated technology into construction process to complement the hard work and experience of our skilled workforce. Our years of experience in construction have made us the choice for making sure your facility construction goes smoothly.
      Installation and Upgrade of Onshore & Offshore Production Facilities & Platforms and FPSO.